New era, new journey, 2018, follow the trend

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Time flies, time flies, the busy 2017 has passed in an instant, and the expectant 2018 is coming to us. The new year is pregnant with new goals and hopes. Shandong Shidasi Biological Industry Co., Ltd. held the 2017 annual meeting, which was held in Nishi Haitai Hotel on February 9. All colleagues and leaders at all levels of Shidasi gathered together.

We are very honored to invite Mr. Chen Xiaoning, Chairman of Shandong Renzhi Biotechnology Co., Ltd., and Ms. Zang Shuangying, Sales Director; He is also a professor of the State Key Laboratory of Microbiology Technology of Shandong University and the chief scientist of Shidasi, Professor Gu Lichuangu.


The annual meeting began slowly in a passionate, active and peaceful atmosphere.
Chapter 1 of 2018: Sign in
Chapter 2 of 2018: Introduction to New Employees
Chapter 3 of 2018: Leaders' Speech
① Xie Shiling, Deputy General Manager of Shidasi, delivered a speech on 2018 • Heart. Smart Manufacturing
② Zhang Xunfu, the general manager of Stacex, delivered a speech on 2018 Creation
③ Xie Xiaohong, Chairman of SDX, delivered a speech on 2018 Trends
Chapter IV of 2018: Award Ceremony
① Best Sales Award: Li Xia
② Service stars: Ning Ruifang, Zuo Ruifeng, Wang Yueping
③ Outstanding employees: Fan Qingtao, Project Manager
④ Best Newcomer Award: Zhao Xinfang, Zhao Lian, Wang Lihui, Cui Hao
⑤ Growth Progress Award: Li Bin, Wang Yunzhu
⑥ Outstanding Manager Award: Wu Ban
⑦ Best Team Award: Marketing Center
Chapter 5 of 2018: Stacex 2017 Annual Meeting
The company also provided a stage for employees to show themselves and their teams at this annual meeting. Partners from all departments brought performances and singing in various forms, which made people dizzy. In the middle of the annual meeting, there was also an expected lottery, in which everyone put their heart into it, presenting a happy feast of Shidasi family.
These not only brought laughter to everyone, but also brought the hearts of colleagues closer to each other.
With the drawing of the third prize, the second prize, the first prize and the special prize, the climax of the annual meeting has been set off.
The family interaction between the company's leaders and employees and the exciting lottery draw kept singing, applause and cheering on the venue.


Looking back on 2017, we are passionate and heroic; Looking forward to 2018, we are confident!

I wish you all the best of luck in the new year! I wish that under the leadership of the leaders, the company will achieve a higher level of performance.