Qin Lei, Deputy Secretary of CPC Laicheng District Committee and District Head, and his delegation went to Shidasi for investigation

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On the afternoon of April 23, 2018, Qin Lei, deputy secretary of the CPC Laicheng District Committee and head of the District, led the heads of relevant departments to visit Shandong Shidasi Bio Industry Co., Ltd. and discuss the project. Xie Xiaohong, chairman of Shidasi, gave a warm reception.


The investigation was conducted in the form of a symposium, presided over by Xie Xiaohong, Chairman of Shidasi.

First of all, Zhang Xunfu, the general manager of Shidazi, reported the development plan of Shidazi, and said that Shidazi in the future still sticks to its original intention and is committed to becoming an international first-class enterprise focusing on the maternal and child health industry.

The two sides discussed the cooperation plan and the Mayor Qin Lei summarized the speech. Laicheng District Party Committee and the delegation highly recognized the business philosophy and strategic positioning of the company, and put forward ardent expectations for the future development of the enterprise.


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