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Disposable Virus Sampling Tube

This series of air microbiological detectors adopts the impact sampling method specified in the "Indoor Air Quality Standard". Compared with samplers such as sedimentation method, filtration method and centrifugal method used in the past, this instrument has the advantages of high collection efficiency, short sampling time and full detection range. It is widely used in the sampling and research of air microorganisms in medical and health, food, fermentation, pharmaceutical, clean room and workshop, hospital operating room, indoor environment, sterile ward and related scientific research departments.

Key words: vaginal microecological detector, high magnification microscope analysis system, automatic gram staining machine


Molecular Diagnostics


Measurement range Capture rate: ≥98% Capture particle range All particles
Sampling flow 28.3L/min
Noise ≤60db
Electronic timer range 1-99 minutes accuracy≤1%
Working power 220V/AC
Power ≤45W
Dimensions: 270×186×175mm
Weight: 7Kg

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